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Airis’ 1st Birthday Bash


July 2011  was the date when i was there as a photographer for Aimi’s Hip and stylish babyshower party. At that time she was about to pop out baby Airis. Last week, I was called once again to capture the 1st ever Airis’ birthday celebration. It was such a blessing to be apart of the celebration again. It is a double celebration for daddy and his lil princess. It was a very enjoybale party not only to kids but i can see moms and dads are having fun dancing and participating the games.. thats the way! Melisa and her partner (the party organizer) were very natural with the kids and they definitely know how to get the kids occupied and in the mood at all times.. that i think i might fail BIIIG time. lol.

To aimi and rizal, thanks for having me here again and to their baby girl, Airis.. Happy 1st Birthday!


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