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Aisha + Firdaus

Aisha and Firdaus were solemnized at Masjid Solehuddin Al-Ayubi, Taman Melati last friday. To both beautiful bride and groom, congratulation!



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Aina + Farrhan Akad Nikah

I have travelled to almost all states in peninsular malaysia including Pahang. But I never been to the Bandar di Raja Pahang which is Pekan. It took us 4-5hrs travelling time. I know we are a slow driver but driving in Karak at wee hour is something we are not very brave of. We reached Felda Chini Timur near Pekan around 2pm and it still gave us enough time to rest before the night  session. According to my client, the local only take 3hr plus driving to or from KL!

There is quite numbers of Guesthouse and Homestays there and they always accomodate visitors from KL with similar functions. Good business huh? The one we stayed was Salmah Homestay. The room is comfortable enough for us to crash after long hour drive. The journey from the homestay to my client’s house is not that far, but driving along narrow roads at night where there’s no lamp post is pretty adventurous. Left and right were palm trees and I have not seen a single motorcyclist with helmets. Memang otai sungguh! But they are really pro motorcyclist, some don’t have any lights on their motorbike but still manage to manouver. Lucky we managed to escape from colliding one! We also saved every important locations on GPS just in case. Thank GOD!

Aina and Farrhan were solemnized at the mosque nearby their resident on Friday night. The simple event followed by a Majlis Bersanding the next day. Stay tuned for their “pakat” event. Pakat is used in that area as they have neighbors, family and friends collaborating time and energy to make the event a success. From cooking wedding meals to washing and celebrating these two bride and grooms. All gotong-royong. Trust me or not when they say, pengantin had to wash  periuk belanga after the event ends? They really did! So I guess the word “Raja Sehari” only valids for half a day :)

This is the special thing about having a feast in kampung :)

Which reminds me of this verb “Sepakat Membawa Berkat”. May this ceremony will be blessed till the end of their lives. To aina and Farrhan, congratulations!






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Zorzini & Irman Solemnization

20th June 2008 - A bond of 2 families of a tall lovely zorzini and irman. They were solemnized infront of families and friends in a joyful ceremony. With only one lafaz by the groom they are officially husband and wife. To both, stay jovial (besides the sarcastic jokes, you guys are still romantic).

Thank you for having me there to witness your celebration of love. Stay tuned for your wedding reception series.

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