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Dayang Zahra + Ridz – The Reception

I managed to sit down with Zahra and had a brief introduction on their relationship. I was thrilled to know it started around 12 years ago when IRC was the next best invention after SMS. Those who was born around my age (cough! cough!) must once meet at least one person from this chatroom. agree? lol. As time emerges, Facebook continues to bond people. But of course i guess IRC had more thrills as it brings 2 strangers like Ridz and Zahra to the altar. And 12 years is not a short time. If you had a child, there are already sitting for UPSR! big congratulations to you two for the strong bond and patience.

But be it IRC or Facebook i am here once again feeling so blessed to be apart of this celebration where i meet new people and old and those who used to be my clients.. thanks for the opportunity and thanks for the friendship. May your life filled with more beautiful people in the future. InsyaAllah.. Not forgetting to lovely parents YM Abang Zainal & YM Tengku Noor Khazainah. Uncle and Aunty, thanks for the hospitality.

To Ridz and Zahra, Selamat Pengantin Baru. Enjoy Turkey!


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