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Dayang Zahra + Ritz – Solemnization

It’s been a month of exhaustion that involves lots of sacrifices and good deeds. I’m not complaining but feel so blessed with good health to being able to take care of mom, still go shooting during weekends and editings on weekdays. Mom was hospitalised for a month and I take turns with dad nursing mom at the hospital. Syukur Alhamdulillah, thank god for his blessings and give ease for me to carry out and juggle my hectic schedule. She is now recovering and recuperating at home. Now that I shift my workstation closer to where mom is resting to eye on her while i do my editing works.

I still have tonnes of pictures waiting in my drive and few datelines to meet. But it’s all good and dear clients, please be patient.. everything is still under control and coming to you really soon.

More and more photos will be uploaded soon (back dated) as I’m picking up slowly now after mom is discharged from the hospital.

Here, is from my recent shoot at Villa Pawana. A simple divine solemnization that bonds two hearts, Dayang and Ridz.. congratulations!! You’re now man and wife. See you again next week for the wedding reception.


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